nearly electrocuted myself trying to make an electrical glass cutter. When I accidentally generated chlorine while fiddling with chemistry, I was almost asphyxiated. All this while playing basketball, chess, stickball, football and fighting everyday. Mommym used to walk 2 miles to shop for food and at the end of the trek she would buy me a book. Back when a person could afford a book. I read most of H. G. Wells, Verne and everything about ancient history and mythology I could find before I was 13. Nope, I just do not answer them. Like or dislike are western concepts. I think February 14 is an illussion Happy Valentines Day. Did you wish your Valentine a Happy day? The next did? seek and ye shall find If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all. I can not teach you computer science or hardly anything else. I am a bumpkin, not a teacher. Yes, I remember that discussion. We were talking about Godzilla, clearly a big menace to society. I was heartbroken when it was broken. Yecch! Bumpkins are very bumpkinny. They can be nice or mean. Wunderbar! Girls do not like hmm. Uh oh. Quoting me is like walking through a minefield with blindfolds on. Just should not be done. bobbym said that? Upon what meat doth this bobbym feed that he is grown so great? I say he is an impostor, a fraud, a phoney! If he dareth argue this point with me let him show his ugly contenance in here so that I may smash it. Let him join in battle if he hath the nerve or the purpose. It is redundant to quote yourself. One is either a bumpkin or not. I did not invent Experimental Mathematics. I am the inventor of Kaboobly Doo. Who is bobz? Who is he? Is he a criminal of some sort? A hater of computational math? Can you point him out, finger him so to speak, so that I may kill him? Math is like loving someone exotic and far away. Someone that does not even know you exist. It does not get any better than that. a guy is driving around aimlessly listening to awful sounds ( music? ) then he pulls up in front of my car? Col Erich Von Hitler: Do you all know the reason why yous will never succeed bahhhhbbbbyemm? bobbym: No why? Col Erich Von Hitler: Eyes just loves you all yankee sense of humor! There is no affection in that person for me. Good pixels go to heaven hooo ha. Bad pixels go on to make up the BSoD, you know it man. There are the lyrics! Run the code. Woob, woob, woob... I have never seen anyone who left this world take any part of it with them. They left their possessions, their dreams, their intellect, their memories, all of it. So you see we can not view the world differently. We can not change and just say it is something else. We have already fixed it into one small box of what we will accept and what we will accept and what we will accept and what we will not. Your mom and God sees everything. Around these parts there is little doubt that Einstein had little to do with it. Is she gone? Not really! What are you missing? A mere illusion of her presence. She is here and there everyday. Harsh words are like sharp knives, once you throw them at somebody they can not be pulled back. Bankers can not crack a walnut let alone RSA. Yes, I have. I was not impressed with her abilities. What was impressive was her big mouth, a real braggart. She went to Yale, has 9 phd's, invented 3 languages, blah, blah, blah. I told her that only men were good programmers, women can not program. It is not meant to be understood. This is not a quadratic equation. Your human brain will not solve all problems. It is meant to be felt on some emotional level. But you can immediately apply it to your test. Nope, a human can never be too old or too young. A person's age is irrelevant. I am better at math than she is. Sometimes I do not know where she is and I almost always know where I am. I have larger feet. Her assertion that women are smarter due to brain size is ludicrous. I never say anything ludicrous. I would suggest doing your schoolwork. Staying here and on brilliant. Eating your vegetables. Getting your sleep. Living a moral life. Honoring your parents. Continuing your Hindu tradition. No drinking, smoking, dope or modern music. Marrying a decent girl. Doing an honest days work... I am not always right, though I am always brilliant! Eureka! I am getting smarter the older I get. In 100 years or so I will be brilliant. I wrote it all down! Yes, it is. I lost both of my thumbs in a duel over who was the better mathematician and have trouble reaching the spacebar. In the old days girls wore pigtails and on your desk was an inkwell filled with liquid ink that you dipped your quill pen in. Bad boys wishing to tease the girls they were in love with would dip their hair in the ink. Maybe but they all hate broccoli and bobbym. If you look across the street and see someone hanging an awful looking picture on their wall can you go over there and climb in the window and remove it? Of course that result can be rigorously obtained, but who cares? Combinatorics is Algebra and Algebra is Combinatorics. Are you not too young to have two daughters? How is it you remember ny insane quotes but do not remember what you post? I have heard that people with a bit of talent assume a great talent. The greatly talented assume that they are gifted. The gifted assume genius