he is so cool. Can not tell whether they are advertising beer, cars, awful music, girls or gyrating... When the water is clear and perfectly still you can see your own reflection in it. When it is turbulent, full of rapids and bubbles you can not. Get it? I do not think they will comply. The intersection of romance and powersets is the empty set. Too much wikipedia is bad for eyes. M is my baby. Call me a dummy and I will argue with you, eat my ice cream and you are dead. I have found that the Teakettle principle can replace a brain. Genetics baby, pure and simple. Mine are better! Yes, perl is extremely ugly as are regular expressions. I'm a human being. I have feelings too. Are you looking for Miss Perfect or are you looking for a date? I did not use pickup lines. They are and were unnecessary. My advice: just be yourself... Questions of existence are for philosophers. He was just stating the number 3 has meaning to him, 10^10 does not. I do not know where she is and I almost always know where I am. I have larger feet. Her assertion that women are smarter due to brain size is ludicrous. I never say anything ludicrous. I would suggest doing your schoolwork. Staying here and on brilliant. Eating your vegetables. Getting your sleep. Living a moral life. Honoring your parents. Continuing your Hindu tradition. No drinking, smoking, dope or modern music. Marrying a decent girl. Doing an honest days work... I am not Jesus. When a guy stares at me I punch him. If you are old and ugly, or even if you just think you are. Do not seek a brazillian plastic surgeon, join a forum and tell everyone you are young and open to them. So you see , this world and everything in it we are just renting. We own none of it and because it is not mine I have no right to destroy it. It belongs to the big fella. To have others underestimate you is the greatest advantage you can have. Wrong! I am not always right, though I am always brilliant! Eureka! I am getting smarter the older I get. In 100 years or so I will be brilliant. I wrote it all down! Yes, it is. I lost both of my thumbs in a duel over who was the better mathematician and have trouble reaching the spacebar. In the old days girls wore pigtails and on your desk was an inkwell filled with liquid ink that you dipped your quill pen in. Bad boys wishing to tease the girls they were in love with would dip their hair in the ink. Maybe but they all hate broccoli and bobbym. If you look across the street and see someone hanging an awful looking picture on their wall can you go over there and climb in the window and remove it? Of course that result can be rigorously obtained, but who cares? Combinatorics is Algebra and Algebra is Combinatorics. Are you not too young to have two daughters? How is it you remember ny insane quotes but do not remember what you post? I have heard that people with a bit of talent assume a great talent. The greatly talented assume that they are gifted. The gifted assume genius and the geniuses assume divinity. He is very shy and refuses to be photographed. He thinks photography is kaboobly